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Home Renovation Planning And Design Toronto


Consider the usual scenario. A homeowner chooses 3-4 contractors to estimate their project. They meet and discuss the renovation with each of them for approximately an hour. On subsequent visits estimates are provided. To the homeowner’s dismay, each one is vastly different. Pricing is varied with different levels of detail – some with no details at all. The costs are also lumped together into one large sum, and there are also no drawings to see what the project and design will actually look like.

Now consider a different scenario. A homeowner chooses one contractor to plan and design their renovation. They discuss a ballpark budget for the scope of work that is suitable, and enter into a planning and design agreement with the understanding that they are not hiring the contractor to do the work, but for the planning and design. The contractor then explains he will provide exact figures and specifications that will meet the homeowner’s budget and preferences. He takes photos with digital measurements and detailed notes of the home. They both sit down and the homeowner provides specific details of what they want done with digital images of designs they like. Preliminary layouts are discussed, and before the contractor leaves he provides a material selection sheet with suggested suppliers for the homeowner to consider.

At the next visit, further details are discussed including the overall design, materials, and costs. The costs are reviewed to ensure they meet the budget, and additional work outside of the original scope are set aside as options for later consideration. The contractor shows the homeowner a 3D rendering of the renovation for review and shares PDF’s of design considerations and products.

On the final visit all of the planing and design documents are complete and reviewed. The contractor provides a login for the 3D rendering, and a detailed proposal is presented. Labour and materials are specified within budget and allowances for materials are determined. With all the necessary information the client is able to determine the value of the actual costs and whether to proceed with the project.


“We draft a scope of work that describes what we will do, and what we will not do. Then we go back, walk around the job, and see if there is anything we missed. This helps with assumptions on both sides.”

Consumers really shouldn’t be to blame here for following the usual approach of getting multiple estimates rather than detailed proposals. We’ve all been told to get at least 3 estimates before you choose your contractor by many in the media. Unfortunately, it’s really not the best approach. This method may ignore key design elements of your project, and details of materials and installation methods. These estimates also typically underestimate actual project costs. Here’s why…

  • contractors need extremely specific details from you to provide an accurate bid, details that often require planning and design
  • “FREE estimates” rarely include everything, and will ultimately lead to changes and change orders that will raise the ultimate price you pay
  • planning without setting a budget is the single biggest mistake a homeowner can make concerning their renovation
  • major decisions left till after renovations are started can cause delays, and problems for the homeowner, contractor and trades
  • to effectively compare quotations, the scope of work must be extremely well defined

Remember, most qualified and reputable contractors reject competitive bidding because a detailed and comprehensive estimate involves an incredible amount of time and effort. Investing in this process, only to loose the job to a lower and possibly less thorough bid, does not make sense.

Every successful renovation has a plan

Every project needs a properly structured plan that guides the renovation process; a road map with details. With our RENOVATION PLANNING you receive the benefits of having your project professionally planned and designed where the costs to properly plan are far less than the costs incurred by not planning at all. At Ashton Renovations we also deduct the cost of your planning fee for your project if we build it.


  • design/build processes facilitates greater cohesiveness between design and construction
  • a professionally designed proposal adds value to your home
  • planning and design allows the opportunity to build a solid working relationship before signing a construction contract
  • the criteria for contractor selection should be reputation, integrity and giving good value for dollars spent

Renovation Planning details:

  • Overview of key design & structural elements, styles, and layouts
  • Concept floor plans & 3D renderings
  • Analysis of required budget, and associated scope of work
  • Detailed breakdown of labour and material costs/allowances within your budget
  • Assistance with material and product selections at the best price
  • Itemization of NKBA Kitchen & Bath Guidlines

NKBA Kitchen & Bath Guidlines

  • 31 Kitchen Guidlines
  • 27 Bathroom Guidlines
  • Designed to Maximize Safety and Functionality
  • Ideal Layout Situations
  • Optimal Storage Space & Door Clearances
  • Recommended Work Zone Areas

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